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    About Hudson Building Supply Company


    Hudson Building Supply Company fills architectural openings:

    • Doors & Frames
    • Windows
    • Hardware

    Hudson Building Supply Company also provides you with:

    • Specialty Doors & Frames
    • Bathroom Partitions
    • Bath Accessories
    • Lockers & Benches
    • Custom Cabinetry
    • Millwork & Columns
    • Hurricane Protection Systems
    • And Much More

    About Us

    Hudson Building Supply Company is a growing company that believes the key to our success is our hardworking good people. Because we truly believe this and are continually growing; we are always interested in meeting qualified new people that can contribute to our team.

    Areas of Career & Employment Opportunities:

    • Warehouse / Driver
    • Installation & Service Technician
    • Administration
    • Sales
    • Project Manager
    • Kitchen Designer

    If you are interested in becoming a member of our professional team, please email your resume to careers@hudsonbsc.com or mail it to the following address:

    Hudson Building Supply Company
    Attn: Careers & Employment Dept.
    2825 Crusader Circle
    Virginia Beach, VA 23453